Monday, January 30, 2012

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see

It is obvious that we can't believe everything we see, especially in this era of CGI and photoshop. The Internet is full of doctored images and videos that we almost can immediately dismiss as being fabricated. But sometimes small inaccuracies in reporting can change your entire perception on a person or event. The now famous "War of the Worlds" broadcast had people in New Jersey panicking because they assumed the fictional tale being read was an actual news report. Of course something like that occurring now is highly unlikely, but it is easy for someone to read a report about a person accused of a crime and for them to immediately make a judgment about that person. All that the news reports have to do is throw in an unflattering mugshot or picture taken in low light, some uses of the word alleged, and you make the decision on what you think of the person without even realizing you've already been influenced.

This blog is not about how "the man" is trying to keep us down or about conspiracy theories regarding the media. In fact it is a form of media being used to teach you to be wary of the media. Join me on this journey and decide for yourself what it is you should be thinking. In this world where the media all around us is the shepherd it is easy for us to become the sheep. Remember you don't have to be behind bars to be imprisoned, as long as your mind is free you won't have to do ANY of the time.

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